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We take seriously the opportunity to invite our young teens to claim their faith for themselves.  To quote one of the youth that has just completed confirmation, "There is a difference between believing in God and having a relationship with Him."  It is this deep essence of spirituality that we desire to encourage in our youth while they are at this incredible age.

Confirmation ministry is traditionally offered for 7th-8th grade.

  • Confirmation Sunday School class
  • Wednesday night fellowship
  • Yearly Mission Trip
  • DNOW (Disciple Now)
  • Lock-in fellowship
  • Mini-retreats
Core Values:
Community is an important core value for youth and adults.  We have a dedicated fellowship time every other Wednesday.  We also try to have fellowship activities like bowling nights and lock-ins.  Of course there is much fellowship during our DNOW participation, our mission trips, Sunday School, and other activities.

Our church believes in engaging our members.  Our confirmation program emphasizes engaging in relationships along with engaging in service.

Our confirmation program is built around growing disciples.  We do more than teach the stories of Jesus, we instruct our youth how to apply them to their life.  We want to grow young people who can live lives worthy of imitation.

One of our core values as a church is mission.  We likewise believe in introducing our youth to missions from a young age.  Beginning in Middle School, we offer a weeklong opportunity for domestic missions through an organization called Youthworks.  Youthworks has a history of providing mission trips around the US for 20 years.

Word of God emphasizes traditional values in its confirmation program.  We teach about the importance of God, family, ethics, morality, and the ability to make godly decisions in life. 
      ABOUT US:

      Our church is traditionally grounded in the biblical witness.  We are members of the LCMC and the NALC.  Our congregation began in 2010 and mission is at the core of who we are.


      Word of God Lutheran Church
      4486 East Highway 34
      Sharpsburg, GA 30277

      PH: 770-897-4508
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